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Victory Bible Church International is a full gospel charismatic church, which started in Accra, Ghana (West Africa) on the 2nd of June 1985, with 89 people in attendance on the first day, as a church. It then bore the name “Jesus People Outreach Church”, which was later changed to Victory Christian Center, before it’s present name.

The name Victory Bible Church International came from I John 5:4. Whilst an active member of Christian Evangelical Church, the presiding Bishop, Right Rev. Nii Apiakai Tackie-Yarboi received a commission. He was prayed for and sent away. He then started the church as Victory Christian Center at Kokomlemle, which later became Victory Bible Church International with its headquarters now in Awoshie, Accra Ghana.


In the early 1980s, Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi became the president of Jesus Peoples Fellowship when there was no clear defined leader for the group as well as part of the leadership of Christian Evangelical Ministry [CEM]. Due to his leadership abilities and pastoral unction, it later became evidently clear that he was the one preferred to pastor the Christian Evangelical Ministry.

Around that same time, he had communicated to the elders of CEM that God had spoken to him to start a new work. It is worthy to note that, during that time there was a notion held according to Ephesians 4:11, where emphasis was so much on the various governmental gifts. One of such is that the Pastoral Gift was given to provide care of the flock while the Evangelistic gift is to reach out for the lost souls. The Elders therefore maintained that Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi be chosen to provide Pastoral Care as Evangelist Alex Coffie (the leader of CEM) moves in his Evangelistic endeavour which he refused. Incidentally, Tackie-Yarboi was a leading member of the Interim Board of Elders formed at that time. Other members included: Evangelist Alex Coffie, Evangelist Clement Asihene, Psalmist Elijah Saforo, Deacons and Deaconesses Cornelius Adja Cofie, Albert Asante, Alex Acquah, Ebenezer Sendey, Samuel Ofoliquaye Quaye, Martha Asante, and Patricia Darkwah.


Pastor Tackie-Yarboi’s declared intention led to series of Board meetings because the Elders and congregation of CEM wanted him as their pastor, and would not want him to leave. In all the meetings, Evangelist Alex Coffie maintained his stand of assuming the pastoral leadership of the ministry. At the climax of events, the Board carried out three decisive meetings in the month of May 1985, dated 11th, 18th, and 21st. (Copies of minutes of all three minutes are available).

On 21st May 1985(the very final Board meeting), evangelist Alex Coffie was given the final opportunity to state his position on the issue. He insisted on his previous stand. Pastor Tackie on the other hand declared that he had taken a conclusive decision to resign from CEM based “purely on ‘Principles and Directions’, involving technicalities and Scripture.” All Elders therefore agreed unanimously to release him to pursue his new vision. However, it was made clear to him (Tackie-Yarboi) that “…he must start everything humbly and from the scratch” to which, he agreed. Evangelist Clement Asihene was mandated by the board to explain the current developments to the congregation the next Sunday. According to the minute written that day, “The meeting of the Interim Board of Elders came to an end at 8.15 pm in a very cool and calm atmosphere. There was also a relaxed atmosphere.”

On Sunday, 26th May 1985, the Elders and congregation of Christian Evangelical Ministry prayed for and sent forth pastor Tackie-Yarboi to fulfill the commission God had given him. He therefore resigned from CEM and started his new ministry with no financial or material help from any source. He began purely by faith, with courage and trust in God’s Providence as well as the unflinching support of his founding members.


A NEW WORK BEGINS ON SUNDAY, 2ND, JUNE 1985, and pastor Tackie-Yarboi launched his new vision. He named the ministry, Jesus People Outreach Centre (JPOC). That eventful day (the very first meeting of JPOC) total number of attendance was sixty-two (62), made up of eight (8) founding deacons and fifty-four (54) founding members. Names of the deacons who formed the first Board of Elders of Victory Bible Church International are as follows: Clement Asihene, Elijah Saforo, Cornelius Adja Cofie, Albert Asante, Ebenezer Sendey, Samuel Ofoliquaye Quaye, Seth Aryitey, Martha Asante, Frank Adjei Danso. The name Jesus People Outreach Centre was later changed to Victory Christian Centre [VCC]. Pastor Tackie-Yarboi later discovered that another church bore that same name, so VCC was changed to Victory Bible Church and finally, Victory Bible Church International (VBCI).

The foundation of Victory Bible Church International [VBCI] is therefore built on the commission statement: ‘Raising the foundations of many generations”; the commission God gave Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi as his vision assignment in the early 1980’s.

Victory Bible Church International is now grown with branches all around the world. To God be the glory for great things he has done.


From our humble beginnings, the Victory Bible Church International has come thus far by the grace and mercies of God. We have numerous branches in Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America, Netherlands, etc. It has now grown to over 100 branches outside the capital Accra, and in the capital alone, has over 20 community churches and always increasing to the glory of God.

Our Headquarters is housed in the permanent office complex located at Awoshie-Baah Yard, off Abeka Lapaz - i.e. McCarty Hill Road in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.


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